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M/V Galapagos Legend Luxury Cruises

Designed specifically for cruising the Galapagos Islands, the Galapagos Legend offers all the amenities of a larger cruise liner yet still has the intimate feel of family-style cruising. This 300-foot Galapagos cruise ship provides all the facilities and services to make your cruise around the islands enjoyable and comfortable. The Galapagos Legend has a capacity for 90 passengers and all the services of a cruise liner while remaining small enough for that intimate experience with nature that first attracted you to the Galapagos Islands. Its fully carpeted luxurious cabins have ocean views, closets, their own private bathrooms, hot and cold water, hair dryers, safe deposit boxes and other amenities


Galapagos Islands luxury cruises

Galapagos Legend cruises give a new meaning to the word nature and luxury travel. Just visiting the Islands of the Galapagos archipelago is a luxury in itself. Nature and wildlife give harmony to visitors who can approach animals that do not fear the presence of humans. A land where evolution theories and scientific reality reign and  conservation strives to keep a stronghold. The Isles where Darwin gave birth to his theories, where Jacques Cousteau was marvelled by the species present and baptised the archipelago as "the last wildlife sanctuary", the wilderness haven where YOU WILL BECOME A NATURAL HISTORY EXPLORER.

The M/V Galapagos Legend is a 110 passenger Luxury expedition ship, built in Germany, totally converted in December 2001 in Ecuador's shipyards. Designed with good taste it gives an environment of "elegant adventure" and blends in smoothly with the Islands landscape with open social areas that allow you to enjoy nature from its observation decks. It is an ecologically sound vessel bound to be a Legend in a magicall realm.

About the Galapagos Legend

Every guide on board the Galapagos Legend has gone through heavy training at the Darwin station and has years of experience working with the nature and wildlife of the Islands. Your naturalist leader will point out the diferent species of plants and animals you find allong the trails.

Born of volcanic origin, each island is the tip of an underwater volcano. The movement of tectonic plates at the bottom of the sea is the creative force that has given birth to these dry and desertic Islands that are teaming with wildlife.